Eggplant Stack

Crispy breaded eggplant, fresh mozzarella cheese, our own marinated tomatoes, stacked in a tower with fresh basil, balsamic vinegar reduction, and topped with a fresh arugula salad. Don't miss this one! .....$9

Arancini Marinara

2 risotto rice balls filled with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella cheese deep fried to perfection. Served with our traditional marinara sauce .....$9


Hand-crafted meatballs made from fresh veal, beef, and pork, mixed with... we forgot. They are pretty big though!! .....$3 EACH

Little Italy

Smaller portion of pasta with Sunday Sauce or Traditional Marinara.....Perfect for a side dish or meal for the bambinos! .....$5

Spicy Sicilian Style Provolone

2 thick provolone slices hand-breaded & deep fried, layed over a spicy Chile oil, then topped w/ our traditional marinara & pecorino Romano cheese .....$8